A Service Exchange for the Greater Albuquerque Area

ABQ Hours


Orientation Team


Coordinator:  Angie Trujillo

Presents the New Member Orientations on the third Tuesday of each month at the Albq Center for Peace and Justice.   Member help set up the orientation, facilitate a sharing circle, give a short presentation about how the exchange works and help new members sign up for the exchange.

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How You Can Help

Our Teams are always open to your help and  suggestions.  If you know of a group in Albuquerque that would like us to give them a presentation about ABQ Hours you can contact the Outreach Team.  Do you know of a great place to have a Potluck?  Or an organization ABQ Hours can donate service to? Contact the Events Team.  They would love to hear from you.

Events/Outreach Team


Coordinator:  Paul Baumann

Organizes events such as the Info Table at the Downtown Farmers Market, which promote ABQ Hours.  They also organize other outreach events in the community.

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Potluck Team


Coordinator:  Judy Lochrie

The Potluck Team helps organize and run the Community Potlucks with take place every other month at the Peace Center.  Team members help set up the event, sign in people, decide on the community speaker and makes sure it all gets cleaned up.

Members Team


Coordinator:  Renee Wolters

Coordinates member mentors, implements member policies and practices.  Ensure the safety and privacy of members and helps to remove any barriers to full participation of members. 

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Admin Team


Coordinator:  Robert Allen

Organizes, manages and maintains the financial, physical and administrative duties of the organization.  Develops and implements the organization's policies and practices.  Supports other coordinating teams and software coordinators.

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Applicant Team


​Coordinator:  John Ellig

Manages and maintains the application process and new member applicants. facilitates New Member Orientations.  

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ABQ Hours Teams

ABQ Hours has six Coordinating Teams tasked with the day to day running of the Exchange.  If you would like to earn hours by helping run and maintain ABQ Hours you could join one of our teams, as a team member or coordinator.  Your level of participation can vary depending on the time you have to commit.  Below is some information about each of the teams and the work that they do.