Member Mentor

When you become a new member of ABQ Hours you will be assigned a Member Mentor.  They will help you to learn how to use the Time & Talent software and answer questions you may have about being a new member.  If you joined ABQ Hours before we had our mentoring program but still find you need assistance please contact the Members Team and they will be happy to connect you with a mentor.  To email the Members Team click here:  Contact

Time & Talents Quick Start Video

This is a short 8 minute YouTube video produced by that will give you a brief overview of how to use the Time & Talents software.  

Time & Talents Video Clips

Below are some short YouTube videos on how to use the Time and Talents software.  Click on the linksbelow to access in YouTube. 

Clip 1:  How To Log In For The First Time  3:33

Clip 2:  How To Log In - Not For The First Time  2:32

Clip 3:  How To Report Hours As A Provider  5:47


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