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A Service Exchange for the Greater Albuquerque Area

ABQ Hours

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1.  $25.00 Annual Membership Dues

2.  Help Run ABQ Hours

Pay Annual Membership Online

You can pay your membership dues with a PayPal account, Debit Card or  Credit Card if you prefer.  Please note that payment processing fees will be applied.  

1.  $25.00 Annual Membership Dues
Most of the work to run ABQ Hours is done by members volunteering services for which they earn time credit.  Other expenses such as office supplies, website hosting, outreach and event supplies just need to be paid.  Your annual dues go towards paying these expenses.  Membership dues are payable in cash or check and can be paid at an Community Potluck or mailed.   Please make checks payable to ABQ Hours Exchange.  Our mailing address is: ABQ Hours Exchange, PO Box 93516, Albuquerque  NM 87199-3516

If you prefer you can pay online with a  PayPal account, Debit Card or Credit Card.  Please note that payment processing fees will be applied. To pay online click on the Membership Dues button on the top of the page.

If your financial situation continues to make it difficult to pay your membership dues ABQ Hours does offer a reduced membership with additional hours helping the exchange. Please contact a coordinator for more details.

2.  Help ABQ Hours
Managing ABQ Hours takes considerable work and members are encouraged to help in any way they can.  It makes our community vibrant, sustainable and accessible. There are various opportunities to help at ABQ Hour events, with community outreach, or by joining one of our teams.  Team coordinators regularly post requests for help on the exchange.  If you don’t know how you can help, please contact a team coordinator.

It is each members responsibility to provide service to ABQ Hours with the year and report the hours, which will be credited to their account. On the anniversary date of the date you joined, your account will be automatically debited 2 hours.  These hours will be credited to the ABQ Hours account in order to support members who help run the organization.