Other Possible Exchanges

Besides one to one exchanges, other exchanges involving groups can occur such as teaching a class or participating in a community project like cleaning a neighborhood park.  If you want, you can also donate your hours to another member in need, a member organization or to the ABQ Hours Social Fund. 

ABQ Hours is not a barter exchange. Barter is direct trade between two people, based on variable value.  ABQ Hours is indirect trade between members of volunteer services only based on the fixed and equitable value of time.


Current Services Offered

To see a listing of services currently offered by members click here:  Current Services

An Hour For An Hour

A Service Exchange for the Greater Albuquerque Area

ABQ Hours

Offers & Request

Acupuncture, Ÿ Astrology, Ÿ Audio/Visual Production, Ÿ Babysitting, Ÿ Birth Art Sessions, Ÿ Bookkeeping, Ÿ Canning, Ÿ Cat Sitting,Ÿ Childcare,Ÿ Community Project, Ÿ Companionship, Ÿ Cooking Class, Ÿ Computer Support, Ÿ Dog Walking, Ÿ Editing, Ÿ Energy Therapy, Ÿ Errands,  Event Planning, ŸGarden Consulting, Ÿ Graphic Design, Ÿ Hair Cutting, Ÿ Hauling, Ÿ House Cleaning, Ÿ Juggling Lessons, Ÿ Language Lessons, Ÿ Legal Assistance, Ÿ Life Coach, Ÿ Meal Preparation, Ÿ Notary,Ÿ Parenting Support, Ÿ Photography, Ÿ Tarot, Ÿ Tax Preparation, Ÿ Transportation, Ÿ Yard WorkŸ and more… 

How It Works

Members earn time credits by providing services to other members and spend the hours they earn, whenever they want, for a service they may need.  Here is how it works. 

Jose needs someone to walk his dog for one hour.  Using ABQ Hour’s software, he finds a dog walking "offer" 

posted by Sam on the software and they set up an exchange through email.  They agree on a time and place and how long it will take for Sam to provide the service.  Sam comes to Jose’s house and walks his dog for an hour. 

Later, Sam reports his “hour” of service to Jose on the software.  Sam has earned one “hour” which has been deposited into his account to spend whenever he chooses.  Jose has spent an “hour” for the service which will be withdrawn from his account. 

In turn, Sam posts a "request" on the software for help shopping.  Megan emails Sam to tell him she can help.

They arrange an exchange in which she agrees to shop for Sam, earning the “hour” he earned by helping Jose.